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LS Fit – Friday Session

Thank goodness it’s Friday – WOW you made it, pat on the back for you.  They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit, so your day five in,,,,just keep on keeping on! I am hoping these daily workouts have helped put you in a great frame of mind for the rest of the day – keeping a positive and healthy mind is always half the […]

How to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

The sad fact is, most of the New Year’s resolutions end up falling through.  People wish and hope fervently for something to change in their lives, but due to various reasons, we often end up forgetting about our goals and become disappointed and discouraged.  So, how are your plans going?  Are you sticking to your resolutions?  Or […]

LS Fit – Thursday Session

Day four, and I am so glad you are sticking to your guns.  It’s great to see you have made a commitment and are keeping to it.  So how is the challenge going for you?  Are you really pushing yourself and working on your technique? What is important to focus on during your session is giving the workout the best energy and focus […]

Achieve a drop dead gorgeous look in no time

Since we don’t have a fairy godmother to wave her wand and turn us into stunning princesses any time (or at least I assume), sometimes we need a bit more time to walk out of that door happy with the outcome.  For some reason, that “a bit more time” almost always translates to hours of bathing, scrubbing, waiting, trying on, taking […]

LS Fit – Wednesday Session

Yey, it’s finally hump day team!  Let’s get your 80’s groove on and work with me to focus on your inner thighs, lunges, squats and jumps. Today is all about letting loose “Flashdance style” and shaking what your Mumma gave you!  Let’s have a good ol’ laugh together and take our mind off the work out. We are going to […]

LS Fit – Tuesday Session

So I am guessing you liked your very first session with me, so your back for more – than welcome and we are happy to have you training with us today. Let us focus on getting our technique right! So if you have or have not done any of these exercises before, don’t feel pressured to keep up, just keep your integrity in the movement […]