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Being a single mum is no walk in the park and being a celebrity single mum isn’t always any easier. As most singles mothers would agree, there is no out!  There is no one to help you discipline, or pass the baton to when you just cannot handle arguing that ‘no means no anymore.’  You are on 24/7 and realise that you can […]

How to find your own beauty

A woman’s life is a cacophony of loud noises, each of them telling her how she’s supposed to look, feel, and act. Don’t wear short skirts, you don’t want people to think you’re too easy, but don’t dress to conservatively either because then you’ll be labelled a prude. You have to be a natural beauty –don’t wear makeup, […]

Want to know your scent via your zodiac sign?

  Walking into a fragrance shop can sometimes be overwhelming. Do you like sweet smells? Is it Florals that really tickly you’re fancy? Or do you prefer Fruity? You can be smelling almost everything and anything until your senses become hazy and it all eventually smells similar and you cannot differentiate between a […]


One of my dearest friends said to me today “I want to lose weight, I know I need to, so I am going to try and eat well for this school term.  The problem is I don’t have the drive.” I said I understood.  “Your husband loves you for you, and weight is not an issue for him.” So, it made me think, what drives us and how can we […]

Be proud of your battle scars

This blog post came to me in the strangest of places, totally exposed while being fitted for a new strapless bra. Pushing 40 and two C-sections later, standing there vulnerable under those unpleasant downlights that show every single lump and bump and piece of sagging skin. The wonderful, first time pregnant sales girl, lovingly looked […]

Need a romantic date night without leaving the house?

Do you recall the last date night you had? If you have to flick through your calendar and try and cast your memory back to potentially the last time you seriously shaved or waxed – then it is probably time for another. School holidays have well and truly kicked off and it can be difficult trying to find time between juggling kids […]