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These days it seems as though saving money for things is almost impossible.  Paying rent?  Balancing a social life?  In desperate need of a hair appointment?  Please don’t go into panic mode just yet friends!  We use money almost every single day of our lives, whether it be in the form of cash or credit card and we want you to […]

Self Love – Try Our 21 Day Challenge

Self Love is not a moral flaw and is not about being vain or selfish.   It’s about acknowledging your worth in life and nothing is more important than owning your own right to be happy.  You deserve to be in this big and beautiful world, and no one can tell you otherwise.  Today is the day to take ownership of your birthright.  Be […]

How Can You Make Your Christmas An Ethical One?

Let the countdown to Christmas begin friends, as it nears closer to the festive season so does the idea of the Christmas tree set up and what decorations to adorn it with.  Will your theme be red, green & gold or simply a beautiful white Christmas? In olden times (and in Roman Catholic tradition) the tree was not put up until the […]

My Rich Attitude & Fulfilled Life

Is your attitude preventing you from enjoying all you have in your life right now? When writing my book True to You,  I had the opportunity to talk to so many people experiencing various different stages of their lives and these wonderful connections helped aid me to write a book on small ways in which we can change our line of […]


In stores from Monday 13th November, the 2017 limited-edition ‘Star Power’ necklace…..could not only be the perfect gift to yourself this Christmas, but will ensure a seriously ill child can take another step closer towards their final wish coming true. Friends with the good people at MAKE-A-WISH Australia for over five years now, […]

PRAM JAM – 20 to 26 November 2017

We need to talk. There are a million unknowns in motherhood.  A countless list of ‘what if’s’ that even as fictitious worst case scenarios are enough to make your heart sink and head spin.  Still, nothing can prepare you for when something actually happens. So here it goes.  The conversation no one really wants to start, but […]