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Real Christmas trees aren’t as readily available here in Australia as they are overseas, not to mention it is the start of Summer, so perhaps that plays a role?  Every Australian family and household celebrates Christmas a little differently.  Maybe some of you don’t like having to take down your tree every year and pack it back […]


Need an excuse to stay in bed all day long? Let us tell you how to make your bedroom feel cosier that you’ll be hitting snooze on your alarm more than once in the morning. Everyone’s bedroom should feel like their sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind, I mean it’s where you start and finish your day. Some people just want to […]


Celebrated on the 31st October, the night before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day – Trick-or-treating is a customary celebration for children on this festive occasion.  Dressing up in costumes, ranging from ghoulish creatures to superheros knocking on doors with the question “Trick or Treat”. This implies if […]

Home Office Spaces, How to reorganise

A lot of professionals have their own office space in their home, whether it be just a desk in the bedroom or a dedicated room.  Maybe you don’t work from home but have your own office at work and you’re sick of the black hole puncher and grey desk you stare at every day. Have you got a serious clutter problem? Bills everywhere, […]

7 useful tips on how to make your home completely Zen

Even though you probably can’t see the connection, the space you live in plays a huge role in defining your mood and overall state of mind. Chaotic home inevitably leads to chaotic thoughts, so be sure to avoid that and keep on reading. Here are seven useful tips on how to make your home totally zen, so stay with us and make it […]

SHOP NOW: Lyfestyled’s Father’s Day Hampers

Did you know Father’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s?  This now 200 year old tradition celebrated the first Sunday in September, is to honour our dads, celebrate fatherhood and the influence that our fathers/dads/stepdads or fatherly figures have in our lives. I am sure most of us can all think back to a time […]