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LS Recipe: Healthy Bounty Bars

IN Kitchen

UNDOUBTEDLY Team LS have a bit of a guilty pleasure when it comes to bounty bars. However guilty-pleasure-no-more with our refined recipe which contain all natural, refined sugar free ingredients and are the perfect little remedy for when you want to beat those sugar cravings! The best part of all..this recipe requires NO BAKING, all […]


LS Recipe: Healthy Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

IN Kitchen

A great idea for breakfast or even for a mid morning or afternoon snack! These healthy muffins are a great substitute for when you’re craving something sweet. Pack them for your children’s lunches or to be enjoyed just for you! we know you’re bound to love our delicious LS Apple and cinnamon muffins. Makes 9-10  […]


Recipe: Healthy Pancakes

IN Kitchen

Pancakes aren’t only for the weekend! these healthy pancakes are the perfect excuse to allow you to indulge during the week without the extra calories! This is our favourite recipe to cook for the family during the week, let us know what you think and tag #lyfestyled next time you’re busy cooking!   What you’ll […]