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LS Fit: Top foods to eat pre-training

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Curious as to what foods you can and can’t have before training? it’s always beneficial to eat before doing any sort of exercise, after all…what’s going to fuel your energy? So stop skipping breakfast before the gym and take a look at some top foods that we recommend you eat before you exercise so that you can […]


LS Fit: Active Sneakers

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A change in season calls for an update of sneakers! It’s so important to change your sneakers every once in a while, in particular if you are regularly active to prevent wear and tear of muscles and joints. Choosing the right shoe is important, so we’ve listed a couple of our personal favourites for different […]


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Don’t know what to get mum this mother’s day? we’ve got you covered here at Lyfestyled if you are still yet to find a present! Take a look at our top 10 gift ideas this Mother’s Day that every mother is bound to love. Keep it personal… The Daily Edited Pink Travel Case    Spread the love… Lyfestyled’s […]