So how many times a year do you “spring clean” your wardrobe? Whether you do it 3 or 4 times a year or even just slightly prune during Spring, we’re here to inform you of the timeless essential pieces we believe that every woman should have in their wardrobe.
You can thank us later for saving you real bank!
These staples will never out date and are the base to a perfect wardrobe. ZARA are probably ‘out of your size’ in the same striped t-shirt you have, those statement earrings that everyone’s only realising now, or the perfectly worn in black jeans at the back of your closet too.

  1. Black Blazer – no matter what you do for work, a tailored black blazer is always required. You never know when you might need it for an interview, it pairs perfectly with jeans on a date, with tailored pants to a meeting, or accompanying a leather skirt for that chic ladies dinner date. Just be sure that it still fits. The last thing you need is the shoulder pads to overflow, or the sleeves to be too short. Don’t leave it last minute to find out; otherwise this could be a real miss.


2. Cross over body bag– has your handbag ever been too big and your clutch seems to look like it’ll burst open any second? This is the exact time when this cross over body bag can come into place. It’s a cute and casual look that can team with almost anything, anywhere.


3. Bright coloured scarf – when you’re wearing just a plain black or white tee, a pair of jeans, this scarf will give your look a nice pop. A nice bright colour or print is fashionable and offers your outfit style a lively approach. Scarves can ingest personality into an outfit, so it is always handy to have a versatile cross section of them available on hand.



4. Red lipstick – Now if you don’t have a good red lippy, then what are you waiting for? You’re excused if it just ran out last week. I love a deep red lipstick that can pair with everything I wear! Obviously, there’s a time and place, on nights out I usually like to whip it out, or when I am wearing a cool casual tee with a leather skirt . If you’re not feeling your very best and thrown on ‘whatever to wear’ and barely have one coat of mascara on, a good red lip colour will focus the attention to your lips and divert the eye from your thrown together, I don’t have time today to worry – kind of outfit.. Make sure you find a matching lip liner to go with!

5. A striped T-shirt – The striped tee classic is having a comeback if you haven’t noticed already. I think it’s a great option to wear rather than the same old white one. Only you know that you have 3 of the same. To everyone else it looks like the same one, it’s unfortunate I know… Hence why we are helping you out to have a new go to shirt. Under a blazer with jeans is another cute look.


6. Skinny jeans – If you’ve got your upper body half dressed and realised that a good pair of skinny jeans would go great then to realise you threw them out last season, it’s time to make the effort to go in and get yourself a new pair. I know it can be annoying trying on jeans all day because you have to take off your shoes and socks every time, and then there are those jeans that reveal ‘way to much” to the person behind you, when you slightly bend over – so maybe plan a day and wear your flats, that’s the only way I do it. They are an absolute essential in every wardrobe and you can literally wear whatever singlet, tee, or button-up. Dress it up with a pair of heels if it’s a cold night, or go casual/ chic with converse sneakers.


So please take our advice, it might be time to reassess the wardrobe and re invest in some quality essential must haves to get you sorted this Spring/Summer.

Happy shopping!!!