A lot of professionals have their own office space in their home, whether it be just a desk in the bedroom or a dedicated room.  Maybe you don’t work from home but have your own office at work and you’re sick of the black hole puncher and grey desk you stare at every day. Have you got a serious clutter problem? Bills everywhere, primary school reports covered in dust, old phone books and more stationary than you know what to do with? Maybe it’s because the financial year has just come to an end?  All we think that you need is a simple Office Space detox!

There are so many different ways to organise your space without pulling out the label maker on every single draw. Here are some ideas that we think can help get you on the right track.

Everything in your office should have its place, including your paperwork. You need to take control of the piling mountain, before it takes control of you! A good method to start with is sort through it into 3 piles.


After you’ve got your file it pile, get your hands on a file organiser from Officeworks, Target or Kmart and a few manila folders and then go label crazy: Personal, Financial, Kids, House, Mail.  Simply rename them to whatever categories suit you best.

Most of us have a printer in our house along with all the stationary that we have duplicates of. I think we can all agree that they don’t belong on top of our desk. Ideally if you’re printer isn’t wireless, then it will work better for you without an array of stationary on your desk, getting tangled alongside the cord. Store all your supplies in containers or baskets which are easily transportable and will give your office a decluttered look and feel.

I think a lot of the time we need to re assess what is really needed in the office and what belongs in the dining room/ kitchen if you get what I’m saying? How many coffee cups do you have in your office? Kids toys? Makeup? Copious amounts of elastic bands – who knows what wonders accumulate over time!

Organise your folders into categorise. Each family member could have one assigned to themselves and a household folder for taxes, rates, insurances and water bills.  The children can utilise theirs to store reports, awards and certificates.

I’m guessing you also have a mini library in your office as well and wondering how you are supposed to store the books? Well there are lots of different ways to make them appear nicer in your space. Organising by colour will add a gorgeous design element or by height order is an appealing way too.  You don’t have to implement the “Dewey Decimal System” and assign books a category number, but keeping subject matters together like work, food/recipes, literature, health, children’s books – will make locating the book you’re looking for much easier.

Something that I always tell my mother when we’re cleaning out a room at home is to stop holding on to so much! Make sure when you’re cleaning out that you stop and think about how much you actually need it? Have you used it in the past 6 months? Is it time for a new one? I always feel so much better once I’ve cleared a space and can re style it back into this decade.

Remember chaotic spaces can make your life feel the same, and a sense of organisation can give you a calming sensation.  Don’t let your office turn into a dumping ground, only keep what you need, throw what you no longer require – and ensure that your office space is just another warm extension of your home.