Coffee, coffee, coffee, and then some more coffee to stay awake during the day.  You’re grumpy, snappy, and downright murderous in the morning and the sluggishness that seems to reach your bones weigh on you heavily.  You’ll sleep once you’re home, you’ll rest, or at least you believe you will, you hope you will, right until you do get home, sit down, and somehow feel wide-awake glaring nonchalantly in front of your computer.

Some of us don’t get enough sleep, some of us sleep too much, but the fact is, most of us are just really damn tired most of the time.  Besides the obvious weariness that plagues us, our sleeping habits influence not only the way we feel during the day, but how we look.  We’re not talking just about dark circles under the eyes either.  Deciding to focus on your health and make a big change is the first step to resolving your issues.

Health related issues

Those late nights seem like a thing you’ll easily recover from, but if it keeps happening you’re looking at a whole range of health issues that can really impact your life.  Our bodies need enough time to rest and recuperate, and sleep time is generally the best time for healing.  Shave off a few hours every night, and soon you’ll be looking at weakened immunity, cognitive issues, problems with digestion, and raised blood pressure.

You’ll perform badly at work and start lacking motivation because you’ll simply be too tired to do your makeup or care much about how you look.  Our brains thrive when they’re well-rested and if you have trouble with your memory and feel like your thoughts are wading through a thick fog, sleep-deprivation might be the culprit.

A blow to beauty 

There’s a good reason the phrase “beauty sleep” exists and any person who cares about their appearance needs to pay attention to their sleeping pattern.  That dull, grey cast, inflamed spots, and dry patches can very much be the consequence of lack of sleep and this all leads to you losing your vitality and youthfulness.  To reduce those under eye bags and dark circles, you can use fresh cucumber slices or used tea bags which you’ve cooled down in the fridge for fifteen minutes, but generally just try to get enough rest.

Sleep deprivation also leads to more wrinkles, but did you know this can be controlled by upgrading your sheets?  Pick silk instead of cotton to have your face press against something smooth and soft that won’t tug at the skin and cause fine lines to appear.  That pale, ashen hue can be helped with some brightening creams, generally good skincare routine, and through good diet – drink a power juice mix of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and honey every morning for a luminous complexion.

Sleep disorders

Some things are out of our control and dealing with a sleep disorder can really leave us feeling tired and a little hopeless.  Insomnia wreaks havoc on our daily lives and can be a consequence of anxiety or depression.  However, don’t feel like you’re forever doomed to a lifetime of restless nights because sleep disorders can be very successfully managed.  For example, sleep apnea is a very common disorder that causes breathing problems and is characterized by snoring, fatigue, muscle pain, and other symptoms.  It can be treated, and there’s really no reason to keep suffering because things can absolutely get better.

The importance of comfort 

Here’s something everyone can do to improve their sleep: they can make sure that their bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of comfort.  From having a good mattress to painting your room in soothing colors, it’s important to give the room a cozy makeover.  Here are a few tips to help you do that, just make sure to modify them to suit your taste.

Unplug everything

One last tip: stop using all your electronic devices at least an hour before bed.  Your computer, tablet and phone can wait until morning.  The bright lights from the screens can keep you wide awake longer than you’d like so it is time to turn them all off and set them aside.

Rather than a puffy, grumbling zombie that you are in the morning, getting enough sleep can really help you look your best.  So, get comfy sleeping princess, it’s time for some beautifying slumber.