Before we go on vacation we spend so much time trying to watch what we eat because we’re worried about our one off bikini photo, but I hope when I say, I don’t think it’s just me who splurges when in ‘holiday mode’ and find that we do come back with a little extra luggage?


Even if slightly or potentially a little more than slightly, any extra junk isn’t really welcomed after the efforts we go to, to stay in shape.  It’s very easy to let it all go when we’ve put in so many hours of work, and this is our first chance to relax, unwind and have someone prepare food or cook for us – and who knows when the next vacay opportunity will be, so we are lapping it up, and making the most of it!  We want all our favourite cheat meals, cocktails by the pool and yummy desserts, in chocolate, strawberry and of that new lemon cheesecake variety!



So in saying this, and as I type my mouth salivates, it’s still important to keep somewhat active and it really does help when coming back home.  Making it easier to get back to the gym and your weekly routine is something to think about before you take it that little bit too far on holiday.  Just hitting the treadmill in the morning for at least 30 minutes has you feeling refreshed, and why not if you’re on an island, near a stunning mountain or by the beach, hit the outdoors and either walk with the kids or run with hubby.  A little competition never hurt anyone, if anything; it could be the push you were waiting for. So, I’m guessing you’re here to find out how to keep active when on vacay?  Well then continue reading!



Go for a run, jog or walk at whatever time of the day works for you and as per the above and make it a part of your day.  This gives you a chance to sight-see and explore your environment.  Beach runs are extremely beneficial for your knees and then you can finish off with a refreshing swim in the ocean!  Starting your morning like this can place you in a wonderful head space for the rest of the day!



Cut back on driving to the shops or restaurants where you can.  Having dinner somewhere nearby so you can walk is a great way to do some mild exercise and keeping active on your trip without even realising.  When your exercise is disguise the results are even more enjoyable.  Renting a bicycle is also on the top of my list as it allows you to embrace your surroundings, making getting from A to B even more effective!



Skip the lift and take the stairs!  Probably the best way to burn some calories, not just on vacation, but in everyday life.  Going sightseeing around temples or architectural towers that have a lot of stairs should always be one of the adventures on the must see/to do list.



Take a yoga mat and a resistance band with you.  There’s no reason you can’t use your at-home workouts NOT at-home.  You don’t need a lot of space for this either.  Even in your hotel room or at the airport while you’re waiting around!  You’ll be doing a lot of sitting when you’re on the plane and this could help with being less restless.



Water activities are a great form of adventurous exercise.  Why not try something new like signing up for a surf lesson, snorkelling off a boat, stand up paddle boarding or canoeing.  There are so many different activities you can try that will give you an almost full body workout and you won’t even notice it because you will be having so much fun! (until the next morning when your muscles might ache slightly, which is great because it means you got a workout after all that fun!)



Become one with your room on rainy days!  If you have a look around you can see all different opportunities within your space to keep active.  Apart from push-ups, sit-ups and planks on the floor you could do shoulder presses against the edge of your bed, or using a chair, place your palms on the edge of the seat and hit up some triceps dips.


There you have it, some tips to help you keep a little active on your next vacation while enjoying your time away from your busy schedule!  A healthy balance is essential and we aren’t telling you to cut down on anything because we know you have earned it!