The sad fact is, most of the New Year’s resolutions end up falling through.  People wish and hope fervently for something to change in their lives, but due to various reasons, we often end up forgetting about our goals and become disappointed and discouraged.  So, how are your plans going?  Are you sticking to your resolutions?  Or have you stumbled upon some bumps in the road?  Maybe you haven’t made any resolutions because you’ve given up on them too easily in the past and now don’t feel like you can follow through.  Whatever the case, I’m here to encourage you to keep going.  There are ways to keep your promises to yourself, and if you’re feeling a little lost or in need of inspiration, here are some tips that can help.

Identify problems

Do you check Twitter way too often?  Are you terribly disorganized?  Do you have extra pounds that you want to get rid of?  Identify the issue and think about it.  Once you acknowledge that something in your life doesn’t feel good or needs to be changed, you can start making plans.

Make a focused plan

Instead of general ideas, try making your plan more focused.  Have it consist of smaller steps, of easily-achievable goals.  Instead of “I want to become proficient in French by the end of next year,” try something like “I want to learn how to flirt in French by the end of January.

Make it fun.  Make it easy.  Go from month to month, giving yourself small bites of success, indulging slowly but surely.

Write it all down in a journal

Bullet journals are fun!  They are so easy to use, they motivate you to accomplish a ton of things, and I absolutely adore them for New Year’s resolutions.  Writing things down makes your decision more real, it makes you excited to see your plan on paper, outlined and ready for you.  It’s easy to review it and jot down your progress, and it motivates you to stick to your resolutions.

Deciding to start making healthy choices

There are twelve months in a year, and these are twelve new opportunities for you to be a better person, to live the life you want to live.  Whether you decide to start working out, or to make more sustainable, eco-friendly choices, it’s up to you, but make sure at least one of your resolutions is related exclusively to your personal growth.  Learn how to cook and make healthier food, turn to vegan and cruelty-free makeup to glam up, get educated and learn skills that will help you advance your career.  Don’t let another year pass with you taking the back seat and not thinking about your own needs.

Anticipate problems

You will stumble along the way no matter what you do.  Lack of time, unexpected problems, and bad circumstances are all going to affect your decision but the best thing you can do is be prepared.  Be prepared for problems, be prepared even for failure and always be ready to pause, forgive yourself the mistake and then figure out a way to stick to your plans.

Commit to your decisions

If you want to start working out, sign up for a gym membership.  If you want to learn how to code, then get a book about a programming language and sign up for classes.  Do something tangible and commit in some way and you’ll be a lot less likely to give up once you have personal (or monetary) investment in the plan.

Treat yourself

Reward progress!  This is really important – you want to reward those small steps, those little goals you manage to accomplish.  It’s a really great way to motivate you and remind you that you’re doing well, that you’re great.

There you go, darlings.  These tips helped me and I hope they help you as well.  I hope the next year is better, brighter, and more interesting for you, that you get to accomplish all that you want to accomplish, and that you feel happy and satisfied with your life.


Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion,  beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.