Need an excuse to stay in bed all day long? Let us tell you how to make your bedroom feel cosier that you’ll be hitting snooze on your alarm more than once in the morning. Everyone’s bedroom should feel like their sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind, I mean it’s where you start and finish your day. Some people just want to escape when in their bedroom too. It’s important to make the environment around you pleasant so that you’re comfortable being in it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I start to mentally re design my room every time I get a minute. Keep reading for some tips to make your bedroom feel cosier!


  1. Pillows- I think the most important thing to make you feel cosier are pillows! Firstly, you need to make sure that they are actually comfortable on your neck when you sleep and that they’re not too old and thin. You can never have too many either… well, almost. Don’t add too many that you don’t have any room for yourself, but everyone likes to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud!

  1. A throw- It adds an instant warmth over the bed and comes in extra handy on those rainy, Netflix in bed kind of days.

  1. Fairy lights- I think everyone loves stepping into a space with fairy lights, there’s something about it that just makes you feel like a little kid again having your own secret party. You can purchase some at any major store, I prefer subtle touches of them possibly over your bed or even just over your wardrobe.

  1. Fuzzy rug- placing a soft fluffy rug beside your bed makes it that little bit easier getting up in the morning, rather than cold floor boards or rough carpet! Plus, it’s undoubtedly going to make the whole room feel softer.

  1. Matching pillows & covers- If having matching pillow cases and covers don’t make you feel good inside, then I don’t know what will. It brings the room all together with it being your bed and is most probably the main focus. Don’t forget to make your bed every day! I know it seems like a lot of time, but it really isn’t and you’ll thank yourself after a long day.

  1. Bedside lamp- No more almost nodding off and realising you need to switch the main light off. A cute bedside lamp with accent lighting will fix all your problems and give it a cosier feel. Perfect for when reading in bed as well.

  1. Storage- For some of us who don’t have huge amounts of space in our room, storage is a key one. Usually keeping things off display in your room makes it feel cosier, except for your books. More your clothes, body lotions and other bits and pieces. A really good idea if you can, is to add storage underneath your bed giving you extra floor space and making you bedroom feel bigger.

  1. Soft colours- Keeping a soft colour pallet throughout gives you a calming sensation. I don’t mean to have everything white. Mix it up a little if you like with greys, pinks or anything pastel is a really nice touch. If you have brighter coloured walls and your furniture is a bit darker, then try keep your bed white to bring down the other colours around.

  1. Hide electronics- I don’t think wires all along your bedside table running on all walls really looks that appealing. If you can try and keep only the electronics that you’re using at the time. Your straightener, hair dryer and laptop charger can probably be put away while you have your phone charger out.

  1. Indoor plants- Having plants inside can create a more calming environment, can improve your home’s air quality and can even help you sleep better at night!