December is just days away and for some, Christmas work parties have already begun.  We always wonder what is there to wear from work to a Christmas party without looking like you live, breathe and sleep at the office or drawing the wrong kind of attention with your fresh lashes and red lipstick in the staff meeting opposite your boss…  There actually is a fine line here people so be careful how you tread.

Going home to get changed is just not on the cards and some just simply won’t have the time.  Not all of us can park at work either.  Only little things you can pack with you to add into your outfit when clock off comes around.  We don’t want you looking like a bag lady struggling up the stairs into your office and causing an annoying inconvenience.  Just an easy change from flats to heels, stud earrings to small hoops or taking off your blazer for the evening.  We recommend sorting this out the night before, instead of rushing in the morning to make sure you didn’t forget anything and realise once you get to work, that you did in fact forget to pack your pumps!



Okay so it really does depend on where you’re going for after work drinks or if it’s simple a lunch do.

EARRINGS: Your accessories will define the line into day and night.  Earrings are my favourite accessory as they really complement your face.  A statement necklace is also another piece you could work with.  I bet you have all kinds of things in your jewellery box.



HEELS: Shoes are a huge piece in dressing an outfit up or down!  We all have that pair of heels for work that we buy in bulk because they’re just so damn comfortable for running around in all day.  5 days a week, 8 hours a day is a lot of time in just one pair.  Whip out those coloured one that deserve to be shown off.  I bet they can go perfectly with your cute clutch.



LIPSTICK SHADES: How many shades can you possibly have in a nude lipstick?  We all know the number one rule of either lipsticks or eye shadows.  We don’t ever go with a bold lippy and a smokey eye…  By wearing a bright colour lippy you’re actually drawing attention to your gorgeous eyes with a light coat of mascara.



STYLE/CUT OF BLOUSE: I know we keep it professional in the office with what tops we wear.    Everyone is different sizes and it’s entirely up to what you’re comfortable with.  Maybe instead of your long sleeve knit, you can change it up with a short sleeve blouse instead?  Be cautious of the neck line.  If you’re going short sleeves then possibly balance it with a high neck.



HAIR: Changing your hair is quite easy.  Like they all say, let your hair down once in a while- literally.   Maybe curl it the night before and sleep on it so you have a soft natural look. Try and avoid a slick back bun or pony though like you usually would in the office.  Be confident!



Remember, all in all, these are your work colleagues and you want to show you can let your hair down but still be professional.  It is important that you are dress and therefore act appropriately as you will be returning back to the office in the new year and you do not want to be the salacious topic on anyone’s lips.  Remember what goes on tour stays on tour, but what happens at the Office Christmas Party always does the rounds!!!