Want to get Kyly’s look? After much demand, we spoke to Kyly to ask her all about her makeup tips and tricks to looking absolutely fabulous all day everyday!

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1. Firstly, I start by doing a nice cleanse of my face, then moisturise for extra hydration. 

2. The next most important thing is to ensure your face is a blank canvas. Prior to placing concealer under my eyes, I ensure that there is absolutely no remnants of mascara, cream etc. I’m of the belief that most foundations fail to match the true colour of your skin type. Your skin colour is constantly changing depending on a number of factors, sun exposure, weather etc. so I suggest putting an SPF (either 15 or 30) to put underneath your foundation. I personally love to mix my foundations to ensure I’m getting the right tone for my skin. My foundation of choice is by NARS. It’s light on the skin, long-lasting, easy to apply and has the power to hide all of your impurities! 



All day luminous foundation

3. Applying foundation is make or break! the last thing you want is for your skin to look uneven. With a brush, I start by placing the foundation under my cheek line, close to my jaw and move upwards towards my cheeks. NEVER put the heaviest part of the foundation in the middle of your face, work upwards to ensure you’re getting an even coverage. 

4. Now for your eyeshadow. I like to hold a tissue under my eye to make sure I don’t have any remnants falling under my eyes. This is a great way of preventing having to recorrect your makeup, as this often means you’ll have to add more concealer under the eye which can make your makeup looking thick in consistency. In terms of eye shadow, I like to use a light, creamy colour, however, depending on your colouring, certain tones of yellows, pinks may work better depending on your tone. To start, make a a ‘V’ shape with a blending brush from the outer part of my eye, then from there, I blend the eyeshadow into the middle section of the eye, so the outer part is much darker. I never touch the corner of my eye, this is to ensure that the corner is nice and clean.  

Our top eyeshadow picks…


Eye Shadow Compact


Urban Decay 

Naked Eyeshadow

5. For the eyeliner, a light flick is great for widening the eye. Holding the eyeliner pencil on an angle so it creates a heavier line, start from the middle and taper it out to the corner of the eye. I then use the sponge on the end of the eyeliner and fade it out to the corner, creating a light, flick effect.

6. Next it’s the eyelashes! Whichever eyelashes work, it’s all about the application! For me I like to use full sets of eyelashes, however individual ones are just as easy! when you apply the glue to the eyelashes, whether they’re an individual or a full set, it’s always important you place a little bit of glue, and wait a couple of seconds before applying. This is important to prevent gluey, gluggy eyelashes! 

Some eyelash suggestions…

NYX Professional 

7. Add a light dusting of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. My favourites are from model co and estee lauder (they are the best to stop panda eyes). 

Model Co Lash Xtend 

Estee Lauder Primer 

8. Lastly, check your concealer and make sure it hasn’t come off from touching up your eyes! I save my bronzing and all over shading for last. Brush from underneath the cheek bone and half way down the face. Place a bit of highlighter on your nose but not on the tip- this creates a nice effect and extra shimmer on your face and -voila!


Stay tuned for more of Kyly’s makeup tricks, to help you perfect your day-to-night makeup!

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