When it comes to a skin regime, we all have a different style, and are constantly on the lookout for another product that just might enhance are current facial situation.

The biggest tip when it comes to your skin, is keeping it clean on a daily basis, with makeup free days, masks once a week, hydration and the right natural products with proven results.

We all are on a mission for our skin to age gracefully, well at least I know I am.  To put time aside to care for yourself on so many areas of life is not an easy feat, and we all seem to pick and choose what is most important and then the level of importance descends from there.

So here are a few quick tips on how I feel you can start to help to toss out the facial regime that just might not be ticking all your boxes, for one that will show less signs of aging and more of that natural glow, “I totally didn’t use a filter on this image” look.

  1. Think of your daily routines and once a week facial as ageing prevention. It’s ALWAYS the cure.
  2. Wash your face well. Your skin restores itself at night, so it is very important to clean your face well removing not only the makeup but the free radicals from the smog and dirt from the daily air.
  3. Throw away harsh products. It pays to know what you’re putting on your face. If any product reads toxic retinols and glycolic acids then it is NOT for you.  Not only would they irritate sensitive skin, but they can damage your skin if it is exposed to the sun.  Stay away from Parabens and use natural and organic products.
  4. Buy an effective under eye cream, under our eye area is very fragile and with all the facial expressions we use daily, this area gets over worked. What I love is the Estee Lauder Night repair eye cream.  It combats dark circles, targets fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dryness.  I have always believed this area can appear so flat because we are dehydrated.
  5. Drink plenty of water. You are what you feed yourself, and as I just mentioned dehydration in your body shows in your skin, so as they say, drink your 8 glasses of water daily, this can be consumed also through your cups of tea.

Kyly’s Top Picks

Cleanser – Clinque Anti blemish solutions cleansing foam $29.00

Toner – The Balancing Toner: Rose. Ginseng & Chamomile 200ml

Scrub – Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

Mask –  Coconut Milk Hydrating Nourishing Face Mask $42.00

Moisturiser – Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Night Cream

So on that note, book in your next DIY facial with yourself, Sunday at 2pm sounds good to me, and remember you get back from your body the effort and time that you put in to yourself.  Ever to often I would be cooking in the kitchen with a mask on, and even though it might not be the right time to have visitors over or take a selfie –  I’m grateful that my little angel doesn’t mind as she plays with Shimmer & Shine dolls – and that’s all that matters!!