A change in season calls for an update of sneakers! It’s so important to change your sneakers every once in a while, in particular if you are regularly active to prevent wear and tear of muscles and joints. Choosing the right shoe is important, so we’ve listed a couple of our personal favourites for different sporting activities.

1. The Gym Sneaker 

This shoe is great for whether you’re going to the gym, going on a light jog or walk. With maximum support and flexibility, these shoes are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Nike Free TR7 

2The Marathon Shoe 

Whether you’re an avid runner, or just starting out, this is the ultimate shoe to provide the best support and comfort.

Adidas Ultra Boost X LTD 

3. The Walking shoe

For the athleisure types, go for functionality as well as comfort. These adidas originals has a padded lining making it a lot easier to walk around.

Adidas Originals