Let’s face it, winter is not the ideal time to exercise especially outdoors! Those early morning training sessions become a lot easier to miss during winter time than in summer!

So we’re here to help you get that extra bit of motivation to either get out of bed earlier or go to the gym after work so you can keep up your fitness regime over the winter months!

Tip 1: Fitness buddy 

Have a fitness buddy. Treat your next gym session as a fun outing with one of your friends!

Tip 2: Sleep 

Half the time we miss or complain about going to the gym is because we feel tired. Ensure that you’re getting a sufficient amount of sleep so you wake up/end the day feeling rejuvenated and eager to get to the gym!

Tip 3: Classes

If you’re not into exercising outdoors it’s best to opt for classes! Pick a class and get organised and book a couple of sessions at the beginning of the week so you can prepare yourself.

Tip 4: Schedule

Once getting into the swing of attending certain classes during the week, it becomes a good habit! a DON’T BREAK THE CYCLE.

Tip 5: Eat Healthy 

In conjunction with exercising, it’s so important to also maintain a healthy diet in particular during Winter! When you eat well after exercise you feel good, because after all summer bodies are made in winter.