So you’ve done the hard part…the workout- but how do you prevent your poor muscles from being sore the next day?

Stretching is so important for the body not only to relieve sore, tire muscles after exercising, but to also to maintain your flexibility which is essential to prevent muscle injury. It is so important to ensure your muscles are maintaining a range of motion to prevent your muscles from shortening and getting tight. So here are few tips for when you’re exercising next. Whether it’s in front of the TV, on a matt in your room, you should always make time for stretching so you feel lighter, leaner and longer!

Stretch 1: The Runner’s Stretch

Step your right foot out into a lunge and place your fingertips on the floor. Repeat on the other side. Take a deep breath and repeat the set, this time try and extend longer.

This stretch is great for your hamstrings and calves.


Stretch 2: The Downward Dog 

Start off in plank position with your shoulders over your wrists. Place your bum back up into the sky, forming a triangle in your body. Ensure your head is between your arms and your arms and legs are straight.

This popular yoga stretch is great for focusing your hips and shoulders along with stretching your hamstrings and lats.


Stretch 3: Hip Flexor Stretch 

On the floor, kneel your right knee whilst placing your left foot in front of you. Lean forward and shift your weight onto your front leg. Hold this position for about 40 seconds and do the same for the other leg.

Our hip flexors are often neglected, however they are such an important muscle group as they determine the way we walk/stand so it’s important that they are loose!

Stretch 4: Shoulder Stretch

With any thing as simple as a towel, pull the towel towards the ceiling with your top hand whilst you pull down with your bottom hand. You should feel a stretch in your shoulder of the opposite arm.

This is targeted for your shoulder rotators which is particular good for people who play overhead sports (cricket).