Is your attitude preventing you from enjoying all you have in your life right now?

When writing my book True to You,  I had the opportunity to talk to so many people experiencing various different stages of their lives and these wonderful connections helped aid me to write a book on small ways in which we can change our line of thinking to better assist us rather then hinder us in life.  Over the next few months I wanted to write to you all in more depth on the topics I wrote in my book and where my mind was at when I wrote each page.  I hope you all enjoy the coming blogs and it inspires you to pick up my book and potentially reassess your day to day approach on life.

It is human nature to always want for more, and there will always be things we don’t have that we think we need, and maybe it gives you the feeling that you’re missing out – but are you forgetting all that you currently have when you do this.

Enjoying what you already have allows you to be in the present and have a ’rich mind’ about your life rather than a ‘mind of poverty.’  While wanting for more constantly, we forget how to enjoy what we already possess.  The current holiday, the house, the car, the clothes, the toys and the list goes on.

Change your habit from thinking ‘what you don’t have’ to ‘what you do have’ and appreciate it and then count your blessings.

I often ponder on this simple quote by Charles Spurgeon ‘It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness’.

This now brings me onto another thought pattern, ensure your happiness isn’t reliant on the luxuries of life.  It’s not to say you can’t own or possess luxurious things, but making sure your happiness is not attached to having them is key.  When you realize the difference between the things we need in life and the things we want in life, it allows you to appreciate that your wants are just added accessories that if taken away for any given reason don’t control your overall happiness.

Understanding your values and core beliefs will help you understand where your true happiness lies.

This is a wonderful Mantra to use in your meditation practices or simply throughout the day to remind yourself of the above.

Mantra: I am fulfilled in my life by who I am, and I have all that I need when I need it.


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