Do you recall the last date night you had? If you have to flick through your calendar and try and cast your memory back to potentially the last time you seriously shaved or waxed – then it is probably time for another.

School holidays have well and truly kicked off and it can be difficult trying to find time between juggling kids activities, extra outings and play dates with their friends along with the extra cooking involved. It sometimes feels impossible to make time for yourselves.

Research has shown that one of the major reasons most relationships fail is because couples do not give importance to spending enough time together.  Every time you spend quality time with your partner you are relieving stress and anxiety, not to mention you’re building a stronger wall around your relationship for when times are more pressured.

So once the little ones have been put to sleep and read the numerous amounts of books it takes for them to finally nod off, use this valuable time to your advantage.

Embrace this warm spring weather, pull out the trusty picnic blanket & grab a bottle of your favourite red or white wine and spend a night under the stars on your own back patio!

Add a few pillows, a decadent cheese platter (which you can prepare earlier to save you time).  Now you can skip the loud noise of a restaurant and enjoy the comfort of each other’s arms instead.  Maybe this is exactly what you and your partner have been looking for?  Sometimes it’s the simple, little things that are under our noses that we forget about. Most of the time it is just spending quality time together and feeling like you are being listened to.


If you haven’t exactly got the space out the front, don’t worry we still have you covered.  You can keep it indoors and watch a movie together, this doesn’t mean you should ditch the picnic set up at all! Flick the lights off, make sure to spark one of our LYFESTYLED candles with 11 different scents to choose from.


A guaranteed heartstring-tugger and romantic gesture could be to re watch the first film you both saw together!

Did you know candles are synonymous with romance?  The fragrance along can transport you to places or destinations that you have never been before, along with inducing a sense of calmness and relaxation.

So this means you can keep the spark alive and set the mood with any of our scents from the LYFESTYLED candle range.

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Here are a few of our favourites, that we believe are suited to both men and women……light one up and enjoy a night to remember.

Parisian Musk & Caramel- As gorgeous as The Eiffel tower and as romantic as the city itself this Parisian musk and caramel scent will transport you to the powerfully passionate city of Paris

Thai Cinnamon & Patchouli- The seductive blend of Thai Cinnamon & Nutmeg is our Signature scent that will add spice to your life. The bewitching scent of Cinnamon and Patchouli encapsulates the feeling of temptation and lust.

Tiger Orchid & Apricot- With undertones of Sambac Jasmine, the sweetness of Apricot and Mandarin will relax your mind and allow your thoughts to wonder to a pleasant dream land of peace.