We need to talk.

There are a million unknowns in motherhood.  A countless list of ‘what if’s’ that even as fictitious worst case
scenarios are enough to make your heart sink and head spin.  Still, nothing can prepare you for when something actually happens.

So here it goes.  The conversation no one really wants to start, but every one needs to hear.
1 in 130 pregnancies in Australia end in stillbirth – that’s higher than the national road toll.
Despite being 2017, the World Health Organization lists premature birth as the number one killer of children under
five.  This is as tragic as it is staggering.

While this reality isn’t my own, it is for thousands of mothers across the country.  Motherhood has a funny way of drawing women together.  There’s this unspoken understanding about the complexity of the love, pain, frustration, helplessness and joy we feel throughout our child’s lifetime, which is why I believe, because of this, we are stronger together.

For the past several years, the Mercy Health Foundation has been working and researching ways to remove the
risk of premature and stillbirth in Australia but they need help.  We can’t change the past but we can influence the future health of mum’s and bub’s across the country, which is exactly what Mercy Health Foundation is working towards with the return of Pram Jam.

Pram Jam is an Australia-wide walkathon initiative that calls on mothers, fathers, grandparents, family and friends
to walk, run or push a pram from Monday 20 to Sunday 26 November 2017.  No Pram?  No Problem.  Simply pledge your distance, walk or donate – it’s that easy.

And best part?  With every step you take and funds raised, you’re moving the course of birth experiences across
the country to a safer, healthier future.  So grab your girlfriends, your partners, mum and dad and head over to pramjam.org.au to find out how you can get involved or simply make a donation. Register Here

Every step counts.
Lets take control of what we can.
Let’s push to bring mums and bubs home safely.
#pramjam @mercypramjam