Are you going through a rough breakup? Been dumped by who you thought was your best friend?



The first few weeks after a breakup are critical in determining what path you’ll be taking. In life you’re going to have a few of these, but it’s important to remember that sitting at home and binge watching The Real Housewives is not going to get you anywhere. I know you’re thinking, “Well that’s a lot easier said than done” or “When have you ever had to worry about sulking on the couch?” Truth is, I’ve been there before, had my fair share of heartache and friends turning their back on me. It’s rough and you start to think will I ever be with someone the rest of my life? Will I have a best friend that I can tell everything to who won’t get jealous when I start a new relationship?



You have to know that feeling like this is completely normal and definitely don’t block it out, but also remember that these people are not meant for you and you are not meant for them.
Your mind has to go through completely readjusting in life without them again. I personally think that getting through a breakup is all about keeping the mind and body busy. What better way to release happy endorphins than to hit the gym? All that energy that is weighing you down (yes that’s energy you’re using, even though you’re doing absolutely nothing) is MUCH better put to a workout.

Maybe your go to is yoga and meditation which will benefit you with mind-body awareness, help you relax and energise. Exactly what you need to have a stress-free week. Or it could be a good ol’ cardio session on the cross trainer. You could feel empowered by lifting some killer heavy weights like the bad ass you are!




It doesn’t always have to be in a gym too. Maybe join a new friendly touch football or netball team with work friends? If you can get active and be social, then that’s hitting two birds with one stone and who’s laughing now? Re kindle with old friends who you maybe lost while you were with this person, maybe they’re waiting for you to message them. Life’s too short to sit around and wonder what if?

So the Key Message here is focus your energy on going forward, I am not saying don’t acknowledge and accept what has happened, but once you have made your decision channel your focus on tasks that are going to bring you closer to your goal. Whether that’s a more interesting social life, recreational activities that let of steam or progressing further up the corporate ladder – Remember you get what you focus on, your mind knows no different!