Self Love is not a moral flaw and is not about being vain or selfish.   It’s about acknowledging your worth in life and nothing is more important than owning your own right to be happy.  You deserve to be in this big and beautiful world, and no one can tell you otherwise.  Today is the day to take ownership of your birthright.  Be proud of who you are, where you come from and your upbringing.  Your happiness comes from within.

Also by giving to others you inturn bring upon so much happiness in your own personal life.  By showing the people you love that you appreciate them, you are acknowledging their worth in life and the efforts they go to for you.


But like most things in life – what you give you get.  It’s the simple law of the universe.  So try your best to follow our fun steps to your own self-discovery, and follow one step each day for 21 days……..and let us know how you feel about yourself at the end of your journey.




  1. Write a letter to your 5 year old self telling them all the great things about them and most importantly that you love them.



2. Splurge and book yourself in for a pedicure or manicure.

3. Cultivate the habit of valuing yourself – write down 10 things you love about yourself and then read it on the 5th day, 10th day, and the 21st day of this challenge.

4. Call your mum,,,,or the person you feel has been the most inspiring to you, you don’t have to mention to them why you’re calling, just check in with them and ask them how they are feeling.

5. Draw yourself a warm bubble bath, surround yourself with incense and some sensational Lyfestyled candles and chillax with some nice jazz music!!!



6. Write up a meal plan for the week and prep your food, this will help you not only eat better and therefore feel better, but feel less rushed.

7. Visit your local library,  grab a book from your favourite genre and simply SIT and READ for 30 mins. A little inspiration from my book True to You is available in the Library as well as online. 

8. Stop avoiding meditation – give it a go.  We love Headspace – download the app and just allocate ten minutes every day same time, same place.  Do this routine for 21 days, that’s how long it takes to start a new habit.  Self-esteem can become a habit when you practice loving yourself every day.



9. Choose a day to take a break from Social Media – no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and all of the above!  Just because I didn’t mention a platform, doesn’t mean you’re allowed on it.  Just one day peeps – you can do it.

10. Change your negative thoughts to positive – try it today, if a negative thought comes into your mind try and see it from a glass half full perspective, and notice the difference it makes to your mood.



11. Be kind on the road – and let someone in, a raised hand gesture of thanks is reward enough.  It always puts a smile on my face.

12. Loving your surroundings and being organised, shows you that you validate your own time and appreciate the spaces around you – so clean up your work space

13. When you wake up today, name 5 things you are appreciative of – as simple as the warm bed you slept in last night.  Acknowledging what you currently have rather than wishing and hoping for the things you don’t  will ensure you see precious gifts are all around you.

14. Clean out your wardrobe- and organise a friend/clothes/swap – a great way for you all to get together and enjoy each- other’s company and a champagne or two.  Whatever clothes are left at the end, I am sure the Charity shops will love to take them off your hands



15. Give yourself a D.I.Y facial

16. Soak your feet in warm water with 2 scoops of Epsom salts, while spending 15 minutes reading about a subject you have always wanted to know more about.

17. Stop comparing yourself to others – there is only one you and no one has lived a day in your shoes.  Do the best you can do in any given situation whether it’s work related or a training session at the gym.  Comparing yourself tends to lead to putting yourself down, so focus on yourself and your journey.



18. Wear what makes you feel comfortable – today make it tracksuit and sweatpants day – free from make-up.  Just be yourself and feel cosy in your own skin.

19. See beauty in the simple things – look at your life today and try and find a small thing that you can see beauty in.  Even in a place where you would not expect it.  

20. Integrity – be completely transparent and honest with yourself and others on this day.  Whether it is taking complete responsibility for something that has occurred, or something as simple as complimenting someone and not holding back because you feel insecure in some way.

21. Book in that one mini adventure you have always wanted to take – a speedboat ride around the harbour, hike to a waterfall or a sunset and or outback horse-riding.  Life is an adventure to be lived.



As we all know practising self-love can be challenging for many of us, but you must remember your worth it.  Being kind to yourself is not about being self-absorbed, it’s about seeking our true happiness and keeping our well being intact.  If we are not happy and content within ourselves, how can we offer the best version of us to our family and friends?

Let your true you shine, book that pedicure or read that book you have always wanted – and live in your own integrity.  Make your one chance at life count and release those limiting beliefs ……and through it all find your happy place.