Did you know Father’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s?  This now 200 year old tradition celebrated the first Sunday in September, is to honour our dads, celebrate fatherhood and the influence that our fathers/dads/stepdads or fatherly figures have in our lives.

I am sure most of us can all think back to a time when our father did something silly or embarrassed us, and we just thought “oh dad” – well this day is to celebrate all things dad, good or bad, funny or sad.  Whatever it is, let’s just acknowledge how important they are to us and how much they impact our lives.

So we have collated for you some tips and ideas for this Father’s day:

1)    Let Dad sleep in, especially if he usually wakes up super early for work

2)    Make the day a day to remember, and do things that dad enjoys doing

3)    Take the time to sit with dad over a cup of tea or a coffee and ask him to share an interesting story from his past, this way you might learn something about your dad that you didn’t already know

4)    A funny family slide slow,,,, or bring out the old movie reels and reminisce about the time when dad actually had a head full of hair!

5)    Ask dad to tell you some good old dad Jokes, we know they are all terribly outdated and cringe worthy and most dads know 1 or 2, but they do always make you smile.

6)    In general have light hearted fun, isn’t that what dads are all about?

Question: What is the silliest or more embarrassing thing you dad has done or still does?

Start the conversation, and let us know via on our facebook page, – the funniest comment wins one of our Father’s day scrumptious hampers.


Be sure to post your comment soon, as we will announce the WINNER via Facebook on Monday the 28th August.


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