“I’ll start on Monday.” How many times have we uttered this, now legendary but tired quote?  It’s not easy to change our bad habits, we all know that.  We’re also quite sad about it because we would like to be the perfect version of ourselves this very moment.  Well, the key is to take small steps – changing the little things in life and being comfortable with the changes we made will make us want to change more and more until we finally reach that perfection that was our goal.  So what are those small things that we could easily change starting tomorrow?

I’ll try out a new activity

Let’s not lie to ourselves – we all have at least three or four hours spare a week, but we somehow decide to spend them doing nothing very productive.  Browse today for the things you would want to try – whether it is a sport that you have always wanted to give a go, yoga or perhaps a musical instrument and enrol yourself in a class.  Based on the timetable they give you, try to reschedule or reorganize other obligations so that you could make it to the class.  You will be thanking yourself in the long run.

I’ll do more of the things I love

Is reading the paper in your favourite café early in the morning before going to work one of them?  Then do so at least once this week.  You should always find time for the things that make you happy, especially if those are the simplest things like going to a farmer’s market on an early Saturday morning, or walking in the park while listening to your favourite album.  If it’s practicing a foreign language that you have not mastered yet – read something in that language for at least 30 minutes a day.  Not only does doing this make you happier, it also gives you a sense of fulfilment.

I’ll read a book instead of browsing the net

An average person spends around two hours a day on social media.  Maybe you’re not among those people, but are you one of those who secretly spends at least one hour a day checking all the social networks and maybe stalking someone!  It’s always best to have a book in your bag, so that every time you have to wait a certain amount of time (for example, standing in a line or waiting for your friend to arrive), you can read through a chapter instead of browsing through Facebook.

I’ll cook more often

Due to the fast pace nature of life, it’s not rare for us to grab something quick to eat, such as a burger, pizza slice or sandwich.  However, cooking for yourself does not only save a lot of money, it can also lead to a healthier diet.  This way you actually know whats going into your food, as you made it yourself.  All the things we eat have an effect on our health, and that is why it’s of the utmost importance to give our body all the nutrients it needs.  One of the ways this can be done is by using food supplements.  There are products such as the Renew Life supplement, which can get rid of the toxins from your body and help you with the blood cholesterol.  Supplements like these in combination with a home-cooked meal at least every other day is definitely healthier than eating out every day.

I’ll drink more water

Making instant coffee or smoking a cigarette is not the first thing you should do in the morning – it’s drinking a tall glass of water.  After this, you can get on with your day.  Our body needs to stay hydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the day.  If you think you won’t remember to do this, try to substitute any juice or fizzy drink that you have during the day with water.  This will replenish and refresh your skin, get rid of various toxins from your body and control your metabolism.

I’ll say “please” and “thank you” more often

Be a positive person.  Always say the nice words people want to hear such as “please” and “thank you”.  Moreover, pay a compliment to people around you once in a while, when we focus and notice good qualities in the world and people it gives us a mood boost.   Not to mention, if your compliment is genuine the receiver will feel the power of your words – and feel empowered and positive themselves.

Let’s try to change ourselves as much as we can by starting with the small things.  Once you check everything from this list, you’ll be able to continue with the changes without it being too difficult for you.

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with the healthy lifestyle, beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.