Life is certainly a roller coaster to say the least and when one chapter closes, another one opens.  Most of the time this happens without us even noticing our small home business (which you started in your parent’s garage) has turned into a medium sized boutique with a super impressive shop front.  When you look back and realise that every action has a reaction, you might’ve practiced yoga twice a day, finally got out of debt, or even met a total stranger at the time?  You can see that there is an opportunity in each moment which we don’t often see at the time.

Some of us really dislike change and others are chasing it.  As human beings it is inevitable that we’re always changing, and life’s events can be blessings in disguise.  It’s all a part of us growing and becoming the person we really are today.  Things we did or that happened when we were 14 have somewhat imprinted on us and changed the course of our life for ever – be that for better or worse, but we always have a choice in our reaction to the situation.

Each morning I wake up I tell myself that I have two choices in life… To either win, or learn.  This is something that has inspired me because it’s important to remember that life events, whether it be a work concern, a home issue, or even a sporting match, that you either win the outcome, or you gain experience and learn a lesson from it.

The interesting thing about ‘life changing moment’s is that they are all different for each and every one of us.   We’re all living our own dreams and following our own paths.  People leave your life for different reasons sometimes a breakup, change of workplace or a death possibly?  Remember, these occurrences happen for a reason and we shouldn’t force anyone to stay with us.  They are on their own journeys too and we need to come to an acceptance that we have learnt what we need to learn from them and can now move on.

The universe works in mysterious ways so let it be your guide and if your open enough, it will guide you on your path.

I clearly remember a moment when I drove to the shops, parked the car and was just about to enlighten when I picked up my handbag and noticed my wallet missing?  I must have been in a positive frame of mind, because I kind of laughed to myself and thought; ‘well here we go round the mulberry bush’ and headed back home.  I felt calmness – instead of the usual frustration or anger and I realised that right in that moment I had a choice – a choice to accept my mistake and move on or to alter my mood, become angry and frustrated.  Both were my choice and it was up to me to decide how I wanted to feel.

We are not always on our game and will sometimes choose the path of least resistance, but stop for a moment, realign yourself and try not to take life so seriously.

Remember the old saying “We are here for a short time, not a long time” peeps.”