There are hundreds and thousands of fashion bloggers on the internet and Instagram these days and it’s hard to stand out from them all.  We’ve decided to help steer you in the right direction and share who we think you should be following and why we especially love them!





  1. Harper & Harley- An Australian blogger, Sara Donaldson launched her blog in 2008. Sara is considered an expert in the social media spectrum with almost 10 years’ experience. We love Harper and Harley as it conveys a very chic ‘less is more’ approach to fashion, lifestyle and beauty.  Sara has successfully made Harper & Harley the one stop place for a timeless essential wardrobe.  Starring on the reality TV show Fashion Bloggers, Donaldson understands the importance of attracting influential digital content.



  1. Gary Pepper- If you haven’t heard of Gary Pepper before, another Australian ‘Nicole Warne’ is a global digital leader with 2.3 million followers. Having established a successful e-commerce and digital publishing platform by the age of 20, Nicole has gone on to collaborate with brands as a creative director, social media consultant, brand consultant, and digital strategist, with numerous premium brands under her belt.  Nicole is passionate about philanthropy and is currently the Global Ambassador for Donate Planet – a not-for-profit foundation helping young Australians to fully participate in their education. Nicole continues to support charity initiatives in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.



  1. TheyAllHateUs- Starting off 10 years ago as a daily email of images between two best friends now boasts over 600K visits a month and an Instagram following of millions of loyal followers. Sydney-based BFFs Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are the brains behind TheyAllHateUs, a trailblazing, and much imitated, fashion destination. A perfect edit of the must-have pieces, the ‘it’ items, and desirable interiors to drool over. Every month the SHOP TheyAllHateUs gives readers the ability to buy what Tash & Elle are wearing.



  1. Rebecca Judd- ‘Whether it’s fashion, beauty, travel, parenting or interiors related, I have an obsession with the act of discovering. What gives me a bigger kick however, is sharing the fantastic finds I’ve unearthed. It’s like giving somebody a great gift.’ Bec is one of Australia’s busiest and best-known personalities, working as a television presenter and brand ambassador for some of the country’s biggest companies. She is also a Speech Pathologist, and has signed a multi-year contract with Channel Nine. She is the sole host of travel show Postcards and is also the Weather Presenter for the weekend 6pm Melbourne bulletin.  Her greatest achievement to date is that of her son and baby daughter.



Lyfestyled has chosen these four talent bloggers, not only for their excellence in fashion, styling, beauty and digital content, but also because they are taking the fashion world by storm right before our eyes! Follow these ridiculously stylish fashion blogs immediately.