Each Christmas, parents spend a lot of time thinking about what to buy for their loved ones to make them feel special on this festive occasion.   It is hard for parents not to spoil their little angels with numerous games, toys, scooters and clothes…though this year Kyly is taking a different approach to showing gratitude and teaching Kelsey-Lee that Christmas is NOT all about what you get from Santa, but instead giving to others, being in the moment and spending time with family and loved ones!

A lot of families are less fortunate, and Christmas can be a time of financial hardship, stress or heartache.  It’s our opportunity to give back and to help in any way to ensure that everyone has a brighter, happier future.

“CARE Australia is an international humanitarian aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Our programs reach over 2.8 million people in 26 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. And in the developing world, the challenges that women and girls face make them particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged. That’s why we put women and girls at the heart of our work; by helping one woman to break free from poverty, she will bring another four people with her.  Each and every CAREgift is an item we use in our poverty-fighting work. “

They are examples of how your gift can make a huge difference.  Your tax-deductible gifts will go where they are most needed to support communities to step out of poverty. You’ll help families grow healthy food, send their children to school or access lifesaving healthcare and clean water.  Best of all, every CAREgift is life-changing.

Kyly has decided to give Kelsey-Lee two gifts from the wonderful offerings on the CAREgifts Australia website this year, and she couldn’t look past the adorable goat!  For only $45 this goat will provide milk for its new owners to drink and sell, helping them to earn an income.  She will also help train a village health volunteer for $50.

There are over 35 gifts that you can buy to help these communities from just as little as $10 to $665!


A healthy start to life for a baby $30

Chat Chhay is a Health Support Group volunteer. She is 50 years and lives in Tany Village, in Sre Ambel district, Cambodia.
“CARE has provided us training and the Health Centre also taught us about birth control and health care. After those trainings, I shared the knowledge with the villagers and the people in the communities. I send pregnant women to the Health Centre to get pregnancy checkups. That is the way I help them”.
This project is implemented by CARE Cambodia and funded by GSK under their 20% Reinvestment initiative (GlaxoSmithKline)

Stock a medical clinic $75

Malaria safe mosquito nets $20

Dr. Sam Ibrahim, 44, has been working in the Pariang hospital since 2012. He is one of two doctors at the hospital. “When the fighting started, people came here with serious injuries. We treated more than 200 patients with gunshot wounds. In May, the fighting subsided. But we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Normally, we treat mainly malaria, respiratory diseases, measles, diarrhea. The challenge is that we don’t have enough staff. We have two doctors, six nurses and only one trained midwife. If she is away, we have no one who can assist pregnant women.” Photo Josh Estey/CARE

A Community vegetable farm $218


Just by visiting this https://caregifts.org.au/ you can buy Life-changing gifts for people you have never met, for the people you care about the most.  Giving off yourself and truly from the heart is really what Christmas spirit is all about, isnt it……..