Okay so we can all agree that none of us are exactly Beyoncé and can make a garbage bag look fashionable. I do believe though that with the right style and effort you can make almost anything you wear look chic. Dresses that hit your body on unusual angles, ankle boots on a sunny Autumn day can all be strategically styled so that you will look like a modishly dressed professional!

Our comfort zones can be so overpowering at times, as a personal stylist it’s important to feel confident enough to step outside that safe place, grow your skills and discover that ’emerald green’ is actually a flattering colour on you. Of course, still make sure that you are comfortable enough to feel confident. Any good fashion stylist must practice their attention to detail.

Practice makes perfect, and luckily, you’re only styling yourself and understand that sometimes you’ll hit and sometimes you’ll miss. Being organised and thinking about what you have on each day for the coming week usually helps. Dropping the kids off to school? Date night with your husband? Grocery shopping? Whatever it is, make sure that you don’t literally pick up the first thing on the rack in your closet.

We know this can be super hard sometimes, when you still might have your 4 year olds peanut butter in your hair, you couldn’t quite finished painting your nails the night before cause you little rug rats deciding to change their sleeping pattern, but when you do get a moment to give a little back to yourself, that is then the time to prep and prepare for the unexpected life delays.



Kendall Jenner- Minimalist chic


Elsa Pataky- Boho babe

Kylie Jenner- Edgy

Victoria Beckham- Sophisticated

Olivia Palermo- Vogue Fashionista

If you’re going on a date with your husband,  maybe dig a little deeper and you’ll find that low neck top that you haven’t had the chance to wear yet. Consider outfits that you do like and ask yourself why? This will give you an indication of what styles work for you and your body type. Remember though if you “Don’t change anything then nothing changes” so step outside that comfort zone next time you visit the shops, try another trend that may potentially work with your current wardrobe and take your style to the next level.

Now that you have an idea of what style you are, set out a week worth of outfits on some coat hangers, include pops of your most flattering colour. While you’re doing this it’s the perfect time to go through your closet and sort out what to keep and get rid of. Don’t be sentimental with this now, if you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, then give it to someone who will. I encourage you to sell anything that has been gently worn and use the cash for a new item. Sorting through and setting out something to wear for the week will prevent you whinning in the morning “I have nothing to wear” while staring at your overflowing closet.

Take photos of your pair of jeans with three different tops you think look good. This will save you time when next week comes around. Remember how prepared you feel when you pack your work lunches at the beginning of each week or the night before? Styling your outfits for the week is the same feeling!

Ladies, consider this a style challenge. If you’re like most of us and can’t afford a personal stylist, but want to look and feel great in your own clothes, then become your own stylist! You can do it and the Lyfestyled team are here to help answer any questions you discover along the way.