Do you spend way too long sitting on the bed staring at your wardrobe and deciding on what to wear?

I’m here to help eliminate this practice each morning/ afternoon (or whatever time of the day it is you’re heading out for that date or get together drinks.)  There’s always a new go to combo you’ll be seeing on repeat each season and there is nothing wrong with absolutely, whole heartedly depending on one item of clothing and maybe going a day or two over its wash day…

This year round we are loving the leather skirt teamed with the oversized button up look. Buddy it up with some casual flats or if you want to dress it up, then just simply add some heels and a nice pair of earrings.

This look sends off a sexy yet casual or effortless vibe.  There’s no doubt you won’t look like it was the first thing you picked out and it so happens to piece together perfectly because… let’s face it, you’ve got an up to date seasonal wardrobe…. Right?… Right! 😉

Here are some pics of babes wearing just that.